Free cereal at HEB!!!!!

4 Jul

Sorry for the blurry shot, didn’t realize until I went to post and mil needs her stove!

Right now, HEB is offering another HOT deal using the power of their B coupons and their M coupons.
For those that don’t know yet.  Heb allows you to combine a B coupon with an M coupon for added savings (I suggest you print their policy and take it with you as some stores still have not trained all their cashier’s on this).
As you can see in this picture, the distinction is made in the bottom left hand corner.

The everyday price on HEB Toasted Oats and Honey Toasted Oats is $2.  So, combining the $3/3 YQ found in store, with the $1 insert (6-5 SS) or IP here, you can get them FREE!!!!!  You can print 2 coupons per computer.  I hear CouponDede also has some of the insert coupons in stock if you need a few more, but hurry as the insert expires 7-12.

My inlaws are excited I have loaded them up with cereal!  I successfully did this deal in a town with only HEB and Walmart as a choice of groceries.  The store did question the coupons, but I told her I could combine and she just said, “well let’s see if it works:)”

Thanks KatyKouponers.


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