2,000 Free Prescription Glasses Daily

6 Jul

Coastal Contacts is giving away 100,000 FREE pairs of prescription glasses! There will be 2,000 FREE pairs of glasses given away daily (starting at 8am Central Time) until they reach 100,000! Shipping will cost $10-$15.

Here’s how to take advantage of this fantastic offer:
1. Visit Coastal Contact Facebook Page and click on the ‘Free Glasses!!’ tab on the left side of our page.

2. Click the “like” button to reveal the coupon code or if you’ve already “liked” Coastal Contacts the code will be displayed when you click on the tab.

3. Visit the website and select a pair of glasses (you might want to pick out 3-5 pairs ahead of time).

4. Place your order and enter the coupon code at checkout to get your free pair of glasses.

*Please Note* ~ Shipping and handling costs will be applied to your order. Typically, this will be about $10-15. Great deal for a complete pair of glasses!

Thanks My Dallas Mommy

I really need to get  a pair for my husband.


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