It Feels Good To Give Back, Doesn’t It?

25 Jul

The more my stockpile begins to grow, the more excited I become. I love no longer having to rush out to the corner store to buy toilet paper when I run out (although it is time for another good deal to come around on tp!!) and I love not having to stop by the store on my way home from work to buy odds and ends that we have ran out of such as toothpaste, deoderant, detergent…etc. It feels good to have enough of  the things you already need!!

And as I continue couponing, I am realizing some things are just tooooo easy to get for free. I mean, although I was one of them,  I actually feel bad that people are actually coming out of their pocket for things that are soo easy to get free with just a little effort (ok, maybe a little effort with a lot of cutting , but still it is worth it. This is one of  the reasons why we created the blog so as to share what we have learned with the rest of the world. We do the best that we can. 

What are these things that are soo easy to get free?? Well if have just started couponing, I will say you will soon learn. If you have already been couponing for awhile.  You know! How many toothbrushes do you have in that drawer in that bathroom of yours? Toothpaste??? You really cannot go a week without getting a tube of free toothpaste at some store or other. I am not talking about the cheap ones either. I have a lot of the whitening toothpastes stocked on my shelves too. Barbecue sauce, pasta, mustard, mouthwash…these are all some of the things any good couponer knows not to pay for. What is the most we will pay? FREE 🙂

In these hard economic times, I believe most of us are hmmmm…if not struggling, well we are not doing as well moneywise as we used to. What makes me feel good is to give back. I may not be able to loan you this or loan you that but I do not have any problem offering up things that are in my stockpile that I have enough of to share and go around. Just today, I felt it in my heart to take some toothpaste to my job to give to some co-workers and it was appreciated. I donated a bottle of vitamins I had gotten for free that was to be taken by women going thru menopause to a co-worker. I knew I would not use it so instead of allowing it to take up room in my stockpile and possibly go bad. I asked the question ” Is anyone going thru menopause?” and one of my co-workers happened to be going thru it so I gave it to her. She was soo happy that she noticed the vitamins contained soy and her doctor had been telling her she needed to get more soy in her diet. She ended up taking one of the vitamins right then and there. She felt good and I felt good 🙂

So, I hope that you remember to give back couponers. It is a good feeling. Whether you are donating to a shelter, church, or even to friends. My stockpile isn’t as huge as others I have seen but it is growing and I still try to help out where I can.


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