food town Ad Matchup 08/10-08/16

10 Aug
These matchups are for the complete ad found in stores. Please note some Food Town locations have catalina machines and some do not. Also, inquire at your store how many like coupons they will take, since this varies by location.

Cabbage .29 lb

white onion .39

Dole Salad .99


Green Onions 3/$1

Paseo 8 pk  Paper towels $3.77

use $1 off mq

pay $2.77

Gain Powder Detergent $4.55

use $2 off mq

pay $2.55

Fabuloso 28oz .99

use .50 mq

pay .49

LaLa Yougurt .88

use BOGO coupon

pay .44 e

Eggos $1.99

use $1/2

pay $1.49 e

Bic Comfort 3 Razor $3.19

use $3 mq or $2mq

pay as low as .19

Treseme $2.88

use $1 mq

pay $1.88

L.A Looks Gel $1.44

use $1 mq

pay .44

Pilgrim Pride wings $6.99

use $1 off mq

pay $5.99


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