Food Fair Ad Match Up 8/23-8/29

24 Aug


Bumble Bee Tuna

Free with Food Fair Coupon

Clantro .25

Iceberg Lettuce .88

Orchard Juice $1.50

Classico Pasta sauce $1.88

Save $1 on (2) mq

Buy (2) White Pasta Sauce, Get a Free Red (hangtag found at Target)

Kellogg’s Eggo, Cinnabon Cereal $1.99

Save $1 on (2) Kellogg’s cereal mq

Nestle 24 pk Water $3.33

Save $1 on (2) 20 pk or larger mq

Duncan Hines $1.50

Buy 2 Duncan Hines products get 1 Free

Pop.Secret Popcorn .89

Save $1 on 3 boxes of Pop. Secret in Randalls MDA book

Morton Season Salt $1.29

Save .55 on Morton Season-All SS 8/21

Clorox Bleach $1.59

Save .25 on Clorox Bleach SS 8/21 (coupon value triple)

Pine-Sol $1.79

Save $1 on (2) featured products SS 8/21

Lawry’s Season Salt $1.79

Save .50 on Lawry’s Randalls MDA book (coupon value doubles)

McCormick season .69

Kleenex .88

Save .50 on (2) boxes of Kleenex mq (coupon value doubles)

Scott Paper Towels $4.99

Save $1 on Paper Towels  mq

Cottonelle $5.99

save .75 on Cottonelle 12pk mq

Lou Ana Vegetable Oil $2.69

Save .50 on Lou Ana Oil mq

Libby’s Can vegetable .79

Save $1 on (4) cans RP 8/28

Bic Pens 2/$1

Save $1 on (2) Bic stationary products mq

Sauve Shampoo $1.88

Save .50 on (2) Sauve Kids (coupon value doubles)

Velveeta Skillett $1.59

Save $1 on Velveeta Skillett SS 8/21

Velveeta Mac n Cheese $1.88

Save .50 on Velveeta mac n cheese tearpad at Walmart  (coupon value  doubles)

Planters Nutrition Bars $4.79

Save .75 on Planter nuttrition bars mq

Brut .99

Save $1 on Brut

Alka Seltzer Plus $2.99

Save $1 on Alka Seltzer Plus walgreens Take one coupon

Sauve Professionals $1.49

Buy 1 Sauve Professionals conditioner or Shampoo Get Free Styling Product 

Sargento Shredded Cheese $1.50

Pay .99 with Food Fair in Home Mailer  Coupon

Edy’s smoothie $1

Danaminals Yogurt $1.99

Save .50 on Dananimals Yogurt mq (Coupon Value Doubles)

Butterball Turkey Bologna $1.49

Save .65 on Butterball product mq exp 8/31

drumsticks or Thighs .99lb

Oscar mayer Weiners $1.19

Oscar Mayer Lunchables $1.19


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