Sellers Bros Ad Match Up

31 Aug

sellers bros.

Pilgrims Whole Fryers .58lb

Heinz Ketchup $1.50

-Use .50 off Heinz Ketchup MQ

=Pay .50

Kern’s Nectar 4/$1

-Use $1 off (5)  IP

=Pay .05 each

Watermelon $1.50

Pilgrims Buffalo Wings $6.98

-Use $2 off Fully Cooked Pilgrim Pride Product

=Pay $4.98

Pilgrims Chicken Breast 2.5lb bag $4.99

Totinos Pizza Rolls

40¢ off when you buy two Totino’s® Rolls Snacks

Ball Park franks $1.50

-Use .75 off Ball park Frank

=Pay .75

Land o Frost Slice Meat .69

Lawry’s Season Salt $1.44

-Use .50 off Lawry’s Randalls MDA book

=Pay .44

409 $1.99

-Use .50 off 409 MQ

=Pay .99

Morton Season All .88

-Use .55 off Morton Season all

=Pay .33

Mayo $2.77

-Use $1 off Mayo Mq

=Pay $1.77

Chinet Plates $1.99

-Use .55 off Chinet Plates

=Pay $1.44


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