Extra Income- Mystery Shop

Apartment assignments can pay $50, or more if you’re
willing to do undercover video. Check it out:

4 Apartment Mystery Shopping Companies

1. Store Audit Assignments
(Get paid to audit stores.)
2. Merchandising Assignments
(Often come with more reliable hours)
3. Grocery Store Assignments
(Get paid to buy groceries.)
4.Apartment Assignments
(You get to role-play as someone looking to rent an apartment)
5. Bank Assignments
(Get paid to evaluate a bank’s customer service.)

OK…here are the 7 companies with assignments all
over the country…

1. Coyle Hospitality

(High end restaurants, resorts, cruises)

2. Market Force Information
(Retail, restaurant, banking, audits, movies, practically

3. Sinclair Mystery Shopping
(Solid company with fun clients)

4. Bare Associates International

($15-$20 per assignment–motorcycle dealerships,
post offices, banks assignments, more.)

5. Kern Scheduling Services

(Every possible type of assignment)

6. Ath Power Mystery Shopping
(Banking and financial institutions)

7.Bestmark Mystery Shopping
(Dealerships, retail stores, restaurants. Helpful staff,
easy to work with.)

Five Tips to Get More Mystery Shopping Jobs

    1. Apply to Mystery Shopping Companies.  This is the most effective way to get more mystery shopping jobs.  By applying to as many mystery shopping companies as you can, more companies will be sending you assignments.  This is the most simple and effective way to get more mystery shopping jobs.
  1. Apply to Scheduling Companies.  Mystery shopping scheduling companies work with mystery shopping companies, often working for dozens of companies at once.  Usually, the scheduling company tries to fill the hard hard-to-fill jobs, and often will offer more pay than the original company.
  2. Get on a Company’s ‘A’ List.  Develop a good relationship with one company, and they will contact you first for new jobs, give you jobs not available to other people, and sometimes pay you more money.  Getting on the ‘A’ list takes time, and only applies to some companies.  Keep your eyes open, do a good job, and you just might find yourself mystery shopping a cruise, or a theme park!
  3. Become a Certified Shopper.  Many mystery shopping companies will put you higher on their list if you are a certified shopper through the Mystery Shopping Provider’s Association(MSPA).  Attending a Gold Certification seminar also gives you the chance to develop contacts with schedulers, who might end up giving you jobs.
  4. Apply to More Mystery Shopping Companies!  Apply Apply Apply!  If you want a lot of mystery shopping jobs, apply to a lot of companies.
  5. Thanks Kim for sharing this with me

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